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Final detail pieces are put back into place. We inspect all the cars systems to ensure they are working properly. After this stage, we clean up your vehicle and it is finally ready for pick up.

Paint is a crucial part of the repair process. We guarantee a 100% perfect color match every time. We use only the best DuPont Primers and Paint and the most advanced color matching software available.

Body Repair: 
After the other processes are completed, we complete the exterior body repair. We replace exterior panels, and metal finishing that is required before paint.

Structure Repair:
​ We will analyze the body of the vehicle to ensure it is repaired correctly.

Disassemble: ​
The disassemble process provides a better inspection of parts that may have been damaged but are not visible on the preliminary estimate. In this case, more parts need to be ordered. We will add the additional parts needed to the estimate and resend the adjusted estimate to the insurance company. On some occasions after disassembly the damage is too great and the car must be deemed totaled. If this occurs, we immediately notify you and your insurance company to set up a visual inspection and review the damage together. 

​Order Parts: 
​We order the parts as soon as we know that you are dropping your car off for repair. We understand that the delivery of parts can delay the start process of your vehicle, which is why we order them ASAP. In some   cases, we cannot control the availability of the parts, which can still  
cause  delay in the repair process..


Insurance Approval:

After the preliminary estimate is written and reviewed the insurance company will determine if the vehicle is approved for repair. Please call ahead to schedule a time to drop off your vehicle at your earliest convenience.


Once you bring the vehicle into the shop, we conduct a computerized estimate with the latest software, CCC One Pathways. The vehicle is inspected and damage is entered into computer. PLEASE HAVE YOUR CLAIM NUMBER READY. We will print or email a copy (whichever you prefer) of the estimate to your insurance company. If your insurance company prefers photos, it is no problem we will send them with the estimate at your request.

Repair Process