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David Gorman completed his first all over paint job at the age of twelve. At eighteen years old, he pursued his dream of painting cars for a living. In 1981,  most of his fellow classmates went on to college, but David did not. Gorman's was founded on July 1st, 1981. David rented a garage on 2160 Alum Creek Drive from the Baas family. That garage is no longer there.

​Gorman knew that he would have to work harder than his classmates to succeed without a further education. He painted commercial trucks and installed decals for a company that his father worked for called "Commerical LoveLace." After spending many sleepless nights working alone, he finally earned enough revenue to hire a few employees.


building expansion

​​In October 1984, David needed a bigger garage for expansion. He bought the garage at 2625 Parsons Ave. from Warren & Wilson Null. The doors opened on November 1st, 1984. We are still located here today. The company has continued to expand since 1984.

The company has continued to expand since 1984. In 1994, Gorman's Body Shop became an incorporation, E. Gorman Inc. We began renting moving trucks in 1993. David expanded his property on Parsons when he bought the building directly next door in 2007. The building was originally used for storage until 2010. In 2010, David started an additional sector of the business, the sign shop. Currently, the building is used for the production of printing graphics, decals, and signs.

Our company history


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