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Please protect yourself in case of an accident by electing insurance. We do NOT require you to elect for insurance, but it is very risky not to have it.  Contact us or the Budget website to learn more on insurance coverage.

One Way VS Local Moving:
 Whether you are moving across country or staying in Ohio we offer options for returning the truck. ​

Fuel Policy: 
The truck comes with a full tank,please return it with a full tank. If you forget to fill the tank up, it results in a $30 fee plus the cost of fill up.

Reservations are made on a first come first served basis. Many callers think that they can reserve a truck within one day, BUT it is not always possible. If you are thinking about moving, please call us as soon as possible to make a reservation. We are one of the few dealerships that offer 16 foot  & 24 foot lift gates around Columbus.

    Moving Tips For a Smooth Move

Budget Truck Rental

Budget offers consistent quality, reliability and service provided by Budget Truck Rental. They offer local and one-way truck rentals, nearly 2300 convenient U.S. truck rental locations, and 30,000 rental trucks nationwide. Budget offers affordable moving trucks and the moving equipment to meet your needs! See their website for more information regarding Budget Truck Rental.

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